Toronto Computer Crimes Lawyer

Access Child Pornography — Youth Guilty Plea

Client:  J.R., Accused
Complainants:  Toronto Police Service & Ontario Provincial Police
Charges:  access and possess child pornography (14 December 2011)

The Queen v. J.R.
Ontario Court of Justice, North Bay
Judge Lebel
(withdrawn: 19 November 2012)

Crown:   P. Larsh, Office of the Crown Attorney, North Bay
Defence:  Craig Penney, Child Pornography and Computer Crimes Lawyer

¶ 1  THE COURT: Your Honour, if I could just confirm the spelling of Penney? P-E-N-N-E-Y?

¶ 2  MR PENNEY: Yes, please.

¶ 3  THE COURT: Okay, thank you. Initial C?

¶ 4  MR PENNEY: Yes, please.

¶ 5  THE COURT: Thank you.


¶ 6  THE COURT: Okay, there'll be a finding of guilt.

¶ 7  The Criminal Code charges that would be, I believe.

With respect to J.R.-counts six and seven?

¶ 8  CROWN: The adult charges against J.R. can be withdrawn.

¶ 9  THE COURT: Withdrawn

¶ 10  MR PENNEY: Yes, thank you.