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Arrest Warrant — Toronto Domestic Assault Lawyer

Client:  C.E., Accused
Complainant:  his spouse
Charge & Arrest Warrant:  assault (domestic)

The Queen v. C.E.
Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto
Justice Rotman
(withdrawn: 28 January 2008)

Crown:   T. Vogel, Office of the Crown Attorney, Toronto
Defence:  Craig Penney, Toronto Domestic Assault Lawyer

¶ 1   CROWN:  Oh, is it ready? Okay. Mr. E.?

¶ 2   MR PENNEY:  Yes, good morning, Your Worship. Penney, initial C. Mr. C.E. is not here. He's in Saudi Arabia. There's a first instance warrant.

¶ 3   CROWN:  All right. There's an Information before the Court. I also have the warrant for the arrest of Mr. C.E. This is a warrant from — they — Mr. C.E. was bench warranted back in 2005, as he lived in Saudi Arabia. We've had correspondence from counsel for the complainant as well as information from counsel for Mr. C.E. Under the circumstances, there is no public interest in proceeding with the matter. I'm asking the warrant be rescinded. I'm going to provide that to the Court now, and ask that the Information be marked ...

¶ 4   CLERK:  We do have the warrant. It's already attached to the Information.

¶ 5   CROWN:  It's — the original warrant's attached?

¶ 6   CLERK:  Yes.

¶ 7   CROWN:  All right. I'm going to ask that that be marked rescinded and the Information be marked withdrawn.

¶ 8   THE COURT:  So ordered.