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Accessing Child Pornography — Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Client:  R.V., Accused
Complainant:  York Regional Police Service
Charges:  possessing, accessing, and distributing (2x) child pornography; careless storage of firearms and ammunition

The Queen v. R.V.
Ontario Court of Justice, Newmarket
Judge McInnes
(stayed: 15 June 2017)

Crown:   P. Colavecchia, Office of the Crown Attorney, Newmarket
Defence:  Craig Penney, York Regional Child Pornography and Computer Crimes Lawyer

¶ 1  CROWN:  Good morning, Your Honour. Colavecchia, initial P on behalf of the Crown. I'd like to speak to, and we'll have to check the information is here, 'cause this matter was up yesterday, the R.V. I, I can't see it on this document that I was looking.

¶ 2  COURT REGISTRAR: It's an add on.

¶ 3  CROWN:  It may be on an add on docket from yesterday. R.V.

¶ 4  MR PENNEY:  It was adjourned from yesterday.

¶ 5  THE COURT:  I don't see it.

¶ 6  COURT REGISTRAR:  Line 212.

¶ 7  THE COURT:  Oh, here it is. I've got it on this other thing over here. Okay.

¶ 8  CROWN:  Do you have the info?

¶ 9  THE COURT:  Yes, line 212.

¶ 10  CROWN:  Thank you.

¶ 11  MR PENNEY:  Thank you so much. Good morning, Your Honour, Penney initial C, P-E-N-N-E-Y. Mr. R.V. is before the Court.

¶ 12  THE COURT:  Okay.

¶ 13  CROWN:  Your Honour Mr. Penney and I have been working for some time on this matter. The first order of business, I'll be requesting that all the charges that are before the Court be stayed.

¶ 14  THE COURT:  Okay, so you're directing a stay pursuant to 579?

¶ 15  CROWN:  Yes.

¶ 16  THE COURT:  Okay.