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Client:  K.N., Accused
Complainant:  another driver
Charges:  dangerous driving and fail to remain

The Queen v. K.N.
Ontario Court of Justice, Newmarket
Justice McDonald
(withdrawn: 18 November 2008)

Crown:   L. Pearson, Office of the Crown Attorney, Newmarket
Defence:  Yossi Schochet, Agent for Craig Penney, Toronto Criminal Lawyer

¶ 1 CLERK:  The matter of K.N., lines 275, 276.

¶ 2 AGENT:  Yes, that's my matter Your Worship. It's Schochet, initial "Y."

¶ 3 CROWN:  Yes and good morning Your Worship, it's Pearson, initial "L.," on behalf of the Crown this morning just with respect to this matter. Mr. Craig Penney is counsel and he and I have had numerous pre-trial discussions. The matter was actually here today to go to 201 to set a trial date, but upon further review, the Crown is actually today ...

¶ 4 THE COURT:  Is he here?

¶ 5 AGENT:  He's not here, but there is a Designation filed.

¶ 6 CROWN:  Okay, that the charges be withdrawn please. There's no reasonable prospect of conviction.

¶ 7 THE COURT:  Okay, so noted.

¶ 8 CROWN:  Thank you.

¶ 9 THE COURT:  The matter will be withdrawn.

¶ 10 AGENT:  Both counts.

¶ 11 CROWN:  Yes.

¶ 12 THE COURT:  What are the line numbers again.

¶ 13 AGENT:  275, 276.

¶ 14 CROWN:  Yes, thank you, dangerous operation and leaving the scene of an accident.

¶ 15 THE COURT:  Both counts for Mr. K.N. will be withdrawn.

¶ 16 CROWN:  Thank you very much, Your Worship. If I may be excused then.

¶ 17 AGENT:  Thank you very much, Your Worship.

¶ 18 THE COURT:  You're welcome.