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Client:  F.G., Accused
Complainant:  Peel Regional Police Service
Charge:  possession of child pornography

The Queen v. F.G.
Ontario Court of Justice, Brampton
Judge Morin
(withdrawn: 21 June 2018)

Crown:  C. Vandenbroek, Office of the Crown Attorney, Brampton
Defence:  Craig Penney, Toronto Child Pornography Lawyer, Brampton

¶ 1  THE COURT:  This is my ruling on the Charter application for disclosure of digital image files brought on behalf of Mr. R.J.

¶ 1  CROWN: An add-on, F.G.

¶ 2  MR PENNEY: Yes. Good morning, Your Worship.

¶ 3  THE COURT: Good morning.

¶ 4  MR PENNEY: Mr. Maund advised me yesterday that this is being pulled forward. I don't know if he's instructed you to — my understanding is that the Crown attorney is going to be withdrawing the charges.

¶ 5  CLERK: And, what's your name?

¶ 6  MR. PENNEY: Penny, P-E-N-N-E-Y. Do we have any information, Madam Clerk, on [Mr.] G.?

¶ 7  CLERK: It's been passed to Your Worship.

¶ 8  MR PENNEY: Oh, thank you. Sorry. Okay, great.

¶ 9  CLERK: First initial?

¶ 10  MR PENNEY: C.

¶ 11  CLERK: C. Thank you.

¶ 12  THE COURT: Oh, that's good.

¶ 13  CLERK: Okay. What's the line number we're dealing with?

¶ 14  CROWN: F.G.and it's an add-on, apparently.

¶ 15  MR PENNEY: Yes. I have an email from Mr. Maund, if my friend wants to see that.

¶ 16  CROWN: Yes, Your Worship. I have the note here. There is no reasonable prospect of conviction. I am to withdraw this matter.

¶ 17  THE COURT: Thank you. So, Mr. Penney, the matter against your client, F.G., information 10125 is now withdrawn. Thank you.

¶ 18  MR PENNEY: Yes. Thank you, Your Worship.