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Indecent Act — Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer

Client:  K.B., Accused
Complainant:  Toronto Police Service
Charge:  indecent act

The Queen v. K.B.
Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto
Justice Kerbel
(peace bond: 25 March 2011)

Crown:  Ms. Tsagaris, Assistant Crown Attorney, Toronto
Defence:  Craig Penney, Toronto Sex-Crimes Defence Lawyer

¶ 1   MR PENNEY:  Yes, good morning, Your Worship. Penney, initial "C", and K.B. is coming forward. This is a matter where my friend and I are going to be asking Your Worship to exercise your common law jurisdiction to have K.B. enter into a peace bond, and my friend will see some endorsement from today.

¶ 2   THE COURT:  Okay.

¶ 3   MR PENNEY:  Please stand right back here, K.B..

¶ 4   CROWN:  Yes, I see it is ready to proceed on a peace bond.

¶ 5   THE COURT:  Okay

¶ 6   CROWN:  A common law peace bond, $500, no deposit, no surety. The conditions being one — well, keep the peace the peace and be of good behaviour and not to be found in the washrooms at Square One Shopping Center.

¶ 7  MR PENNEY:  And, that's on consent, Your Worship. We do not wish to show cause and we agree that there's jurisdiction to issue the warrant having regard to K.B.'s conduct on the 25th of January 2011 in a washroom at that address.

¶ 8   THE COURT:  Okay. And, was that for one year?

¶ 9   CROWN:  Yes.

¶ 10   THE COURT:  There you go.

¶ 11   MR PENNEY:  Okay. So, you see here, this is your name, your date of birth, $500, no deposit, no surety. It's for one year from today's date: keep the peace and be of good behaviour, and not to be found in the washrooms of the Square One Shopping Center. I need you to sign there. Press nice and hard.

¶ 12   THE COURT:  Okay.

¶ 13   CROWN:  Okay. If the peace bond has been signed, I'll ask that that count be marked withdrawn please.

¶ 14   MR PENNEY:  Thank you.

¶ 15   THE COURT:  All right. K.B., the charge against you has been withdrawn by the Crown.