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Voyeurism — Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer

Client:  M.M., Accused
Complainant:  security, Vaughan Mills Mall
Charges:  voyeurism & mischief

The Queen v. M.M.
Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto
Justice Gorewich
(withdrawn: 20 September 2013)

Crown:  E. Kulpers, Assistant Crown Attorney, Toronto
Defence:  Craig Penney, Sexual Assault Lawyer, Toronto

¶ 1   CROWN:   Good afternoon Your Honour. With respect to M.M., I believe he's before the Court.

¶ 2   MR PENNEY:  Yes Your Honour, he's coming forward. The Information has been sworn. I've check it's fine as to form and content. I do consent to the proceedings being commenced out of time. Your Honour has jurisdiction to deal with this matter.

¶ 3   THE COURT:  And you waive the reading of the Information?

¶ 4   MR PENNEY:  I waive the reading of the Information, Your Honour.

¶ 5   THE COURT:  What are the terms being sought here please?

¶ 6   CROWN:  We are seeking a peace bond for a term of one year, $500, no deposit with the only term of keep the peace and be of good behaviour Your Honour.

¶ 7   THE COURT:  All right. Mr. M.M., I'm ordering that you enter into a section-810 peace bond for a period of one year. The terms are that it will be for one year on a recognizance in the amount of $500 without surety, without deposit, and the term is that you keep the peace and be of good behaviour; and as soon as you sign the peace bond document, the formal criminal charge against you will be withdrawn. So Madam Clerk is going to prepare the document and she'll require your address sir.

¶ 8   MR PENNEY: I believe it's on the Information.

¶ 9   COURT CLERK:  Yes thank you.

¶ 10  CROWN:  Thank you.