Toronto Child Pornography Lawyer

Child Pornography, Luring, and Computer Crimes

With child pornography and luring allegations, you need a Toronto criminal lawyer with a solid record of success. With minimum jail of six months (one year for all indictable offences), mandatory sex offender registry, and bans for up to life on internet use, contact with children, and parks/swimming areas, hiring the right lawyer is vital. I've been defending child pornography and other computer-crime cases for over 20 years.

For 23 years, I've been fighting these charges, protecting clients under investigation, and advising other lawyers. I know of no other lawyer in Ontario with more experience and success in these challenging, complex, and heartrending cases. This experience has also given me an edge, I believe, in other computer cases, be it threats by computer, harassing emails, or unauthorized social media posts.

I've won by cross-examining the computer expert (X.Z.), by attacking the search warrant (M.S.), by arguing delay (F.S.), and by getting the charges withdrawn (M.H.). In rare cases, my clients have avoided convictions with youth pleas (S.Y.) or with an obscenity plea (J.M.). For my latest win, read C.B.'s Case.

To witness my dedication and success, explore the Court transcripts and Judges' rulings linked below. Then call about my free, confidential consultation: 416 410 2266.

Craig Penney, Toronto Computer Crimes Lawyer

J.R.'s Case — access/possess child pornography — withdrawn by Crown
F.G.'s Case — possess child pornography — withdrawn by Crown
P.F.'s Case — access/possess child pornography — withdrawn by Crown
R.V.'s Case — possess/access & distribute child pornography — stayed by Crown
C.B.'s Case — access child pornography — withdrawn by Crown
J.M.'s Case — make available child pornography — conditional discharge after obscenity plea
C.F.'s Case — fraudulently obtain computer service — withdrawn by Crown
S.Y.'s Case — possess/access child pornography — guilty pleas to youth offence
M.S.'s Case — access & make available child pornography — acquitted at trial
M.H.'s Case— possess/access child pornography — charges stayed by Crown
I.I.'s Case — threats and public mischief — withdrawn
B.R.'s Case — access child pornography — withdrawn four weeks before trial
X.Z.'s Case — possess/import child pornography — acquitted due to reasonable doubt
R.M.'s Case — possess/access & distribute child pornography — acquitted mid-trial
A.O.'s Case — possess child pornography — conditional sentence imposed
F.S.'s Case — possession child pornography — stayed by Judge for delay
M.S.'s Case — access child pornography — stayed by Crown
L.S.'s Case — possess/access child pornography — acquitted after evidence excluded
G.R.'s Case — import child pornography — eight days jail; no 161 Order
A.B.'s Case — possession child pornography — withdrawn by Crown
A.G.'s Case — criminal harassment (by email) — conditional discharge
J.G.'s Case — possess & access child pornography — acquitted by Judge
N.L.'s Case — possess child pornography — successful search warrant attack
I.C.'s Case — distribute child pornography — withdrawn after Charter ruling
J.G.'s Case — access & possess child pornography withdrawn — withdrawn by Crown
K.F.'s Case — access, possess, & import child pornography — withdrawn
J.H.'s Case — possess child pornography — stayed for unreasonable delay
R.J.'s Case — possession child pornography — the Court orders disclosure
A.B.'s Case — possession child pornography — Crown must pay for video disclosure